Off to MIX

Well I’m headed to MIX06 in Las Vegas and will be crashing at the Venetian in the idle moments when I’m not mixing things up with the people from all over the world who will be in attendance.  I can’t believe it’s finally here and all the fruits of our labor will be realized in a couple days.

So many people have contributed in so many ways to make this first  conference of its kind a reality.  Most people outside the Web development space, and several people inside it, probably couldn’t care less.  However, Bill Gates will be there and that’s usually enough to get even non-technophiles to pay attention with him being the richest person in the world for the bazillionth year in a row.

I have backstage access so I’m going to pitch Bill an idea and hit him up for some seed money.  Watch my work blog (link in my Blogroll).  If it disappears, you know I’ve been fired. 😀

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