My First Quote in the Press

I completed my first round of press pre-briefings this past Friday as a lead up to the MIX conference which started today.  Each of the four pre-briefings consisted of a conference call involving me as the Microsoft spokesperson, my Waggener Edstrom account executive (WaggEd is Microsoft’s PR firm) and a member of the press.  It was my first time being in the spokesperson seat though I have sat in on several conference calls with the press and analyst briefings over the past couple months.

Well, one of the good/bad things about being a spokesperson is having something you say — ranging somewhere between brilliant and brilliantly stupid — quoted for the world to see.  I’m pleased to announce the first press reference attributed to me was not brilliantly stupid.  Check it out (look for Keith in the middle of page 2):

“Microsoft Web 2.0 Developers Go Live with ‘Atlas'” by Darryl K. Taft on

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