We Are Back from Super Bowl XL

It was a great experience despite our team losing the game.  You can read more about our trip back (which was anything but ‘great’) on my last Super Bowl XL post at http://lesia.picostation.com/.  Someone sent the following picture around at work today. 

The Super Bowl XL referees suited up for Pittsburgh much to Seattle's chagrin.

I think it succinctly captures one of the 3 factors in the Seattle loss — the other two being “soft” playing (e.g., Jerramy Stevens and Josh Brown) and, of course, the Steelers who pulled off some pretty major feats.

Let me tell you, the 3rd-and-28 completion was even more devastating for us since we were sitting a couple dozen yards from Ben Roethlisberger when he threw the ball and had to endure the jeers of the Steelers Loyalists engulfing the entire stadium.  Every time the Steelers fans waved those Terrible Towels they created this huge amount of turbulence throughout the stadium.  That is something you just cannot appreciate watching the game on ABC.

I read somewhere the Steelers fans made up 90% of the 68,000+ in attendance.  That only counts the people who attended the game.  On the streets of Detroit (aka, Little Pittsburgh) it was more like 99.44%.

In the nature of full-disclosure and unbiased journalism, our Super Bowl experience did include witnessing a fist-fight on the streets of downtown Detroit (around Woodward Avenue and State Street) following the game.  There were 2 Seahawks fans against 3 Pittsburgh fans.  All 5 were drunk and, thankfully, no one had a weapon.  I’m not sure how it started or why it escalated but I just saw this massive group of bodies plow into the side of a building followed by a series of haymakers.  It was like 1 degree Fahrenheit with the windchill and one guy started losing his pants during the scuffle.

The locals and I were enjoying our front row seats to our second sporting event of the evening.  TB and other “tourists” (pejorative term) scattered like billiard balls when the blows started raining.  I was oohing-and-ahhing and weaving-and-bobbing to the action when I heard a woman’s voice yelling, “Keith! Keith! Let’s go around! Let’s cross the street!”  I looked back at TB like, “What?!?  And miss this?”  but then I saw the look of sheer terror on her face as if she were in palpable danger.  She confessed, “I don’t want to get shot!”

I had already surveyed the gladiators during the melee and they all had seat cushions given to people who attended the game which meant they all had likely been in the stadium (no one was giving those things away) which meant they had all gone through the metal detectors.  That fact made the likelihood of any of them carrying a concealed weapon extremely slim.  The secondary point that no concealed weapon had yet been revealed was enough for me.

This was neither a time for logic nor discussion (see “sheer terror on her face” above) and I realized I would probably lose my Husband-of-the-Year nod in that split-second if I hesitated.  I walked over to her and almost at the same moment a couple police officers arrived to break up the fight.

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  And the winner is:  The two Seahawks fans.  What they lacked in numbers they made up for in height, girth and brawn.  They were both at least 6’4″, 230 pounds.  The Steelers guys weren’t small but they were noticeably smaller.  One of the Seahawks guys was getting double-teamed but he never went down.  However, he was the one losing his pants.  The other Seahawks guy was grappling with the third Steelers guy against the building.  Neither of those two threw many punches; instead they whirled each other around and alternated between head- and body-locks.  Those few moments of pugilism were more exhilirating than the football game.

I will be posting some pictures from the pre-game, game and half-time show.  Stay tuned…

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