Reporting Live from the Super Bowl

I have setup a mobile blog (moblog) at where I can write up-to-the-minute posts about our Super Bowl XL experience before, during and after the game using my mobile phone.

I am sure you will have more important things to do this weekend but if you care to follow along or want to read about things that happen at the game sometime later, visit us at the site above.

Off to the Super Bowl

We. Have. Tickets. ❗

TB and I are boarding a plane in a few hours headed to Detroit to attend Super Bowl XL.  We are on a red-eye so there is not much time left to gather our things and make some last-minute arrangements — there is always time to blog, however.

We will be in Section 125, Row 11 cheering on the Seattle Seahawks.  Keep a look out for us behind the Seahawks bench.  We don’t know what we will be wearing yet which gives me a reason to try out some moblogging with my smartphone while roaming the streets of Detroit or, better yet, within the safety of some enclosed space.

Stay tuned…