Fatter Fries at McDonald’s

McDonald’s reveals high trans fats levels in fries

“McDonald’s French fries contain one-third more trans fats than previously thought after the company used a new method to test for the harmful ingredient still widely used in many foods.”

McDonald’s has been manufacturing food for a long time now and they still don’t know what’s in their fries? To a certain extent this seems worse than Big Tobacco since the cigarette companies at least know the contents of the products they peddle.

I will now coin a phrase: Big Fast Food. Remember you read it here first.

2 Replies to “Fatter Fries at McDonald’s”

  1. It worked! :angry:

    The previous comment, mistakenly posted under the name Carla (who’s that?), was just a test. Every other time I have tried to post a comment on your blog, I have gotten an error. I was trying to repro it so I could send it to you, but of course, as a former SDET, you know that whenever you try to repro an error to show the developer, the software suddenly decides to behave. :nerd:

  2. The errors you were receiving may have been caused by the CAPTCHA implementation I removed a few weeks back. Let me know if run across any problems in the future.

    I deleted the test post, by the way. Anyone who says the would have otherwise avoided the fries had they known about the higher fat content would probably be laughed out the courtroom. Where’s the lady who lied about finding a finger in her chili when you need her?

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