Insomnia by Asheru

After my rant about the lack of quality music (R&B & Hip-Hop, in particular), I recently attempted to purchase Asheru’s indie album, Insomnia, for the second time.  I am pleased to report the PayPal account is accepting orders again.  I placed my order and received Insomnia in the mail just a few days later. (The CD was shipped from Washington, D.C.)

I haven’t listened to it yet but I sure hope Insomnia ends my inability to find albums that move me.

Brighter Days

I just returned from burying my niece. As could be expected, there was so much grief, sorrow, anger…the typical emotions that pay visit when a loved one is lost and linger longer when that loved one leaves too soon.  I was inspired by the number of lives Kailynn touched in two months without ever saying a word.

We needed (and will continue to need) all the inspiration we could get.  The outpouring of love and support over this past week by family and friends, near and far, has me pushing toward brighter days.

Thank you all.

Farewell, Kailynn.

You were not here long enough to teach me how to be an uncle and I did not have enough time to spoil you as my niece.

You had to fight to enter the world and I know you fought even harder to stay — I am truly sorry I was not there to fight by your side.

It hurts knowing you are gone after I spent so much time wondering about the person you would become.  The things I will never see you do or delight in hearing you say.

Still all these years later, despite many other farewells, I am no better at letting go.  How do you bid farewell to the newest member of your family before she can even wave goodbye?

When the Music Stops

The search engine terms responsible for the top 3 entries in my blog’s traffic reports all have one thing in common:  Music.  Here they are in order of popularity from highest to lowest with links to the relevant posts:

  1. asheru boondocks
  2. ipod sucks
  3. lexlife

Seeing this trend got me thinking about how I have not written about music in a long time.  This bothered me because anybody who knows me knows how central music is and has always been in my life.  I started looking for reasons why music has become less important to me over the last few months.  Quickly fast-forwarding past the easy, obvious culprit known as “less time” (I am a firm believer that people always make time for the things that are important to them) I realized the last album I purchased that moved me was The Minstrel Show.

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Two Months on the Job: Conferences

Prior to moving into my new role I always just attended conferences and was never in a role responsible for the success of any particular conference (e.g., conference planner, event coordinator, content owner, etc.)  Two months into my new job and boy has that changed.

One of my responsibilities as the owner of outbound messaging for my set of products and technologies is coordinating speakers and content for all the major professional conferences around the world for the software development industry.  Earlier I mentioned I would be speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conferences in Orlando and Nice, France in April.  Well, since December, I have also been investing a lot of time pulling together the speakers and content for the Web and Client development tracks at Microsoft’s Tech-Ed conference in Boston in June and the “Next Generation Browsing Experience” track at Microsoft’s first-of-its-kind MIX conference in Las Vegas in March.

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