We Are Going to Super Bowl XL!

Actually, as of right now, we are going to Detroit at the same time as The Super Bowl and plan to bum around outside Ford Field hoping to realize one of TB’s life-long dreams of attending the game.

It is a spur-of-the-moment thing and will be a whirlwind trip to Detroit on a red-eye on Friday and returning to Seattle early Monday.  DBH and Buschick will be in Detroit during The Super Bowl as well. DBH is a Detroit native and is going to support his city; Buschick is a Seattle native and is going to support her ‘Hawks.

We will be staying with Mil, my favorite Aunt-in-Law, so I’m sure we will have fun regardless.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and if you know someone who has tickets for sale let me know.  I’m working on my “Husband of the Year” nomination.