The Art of Evangelism

Some of you may recognize Guy Kawasaki as the Apple Computer employee responsible for marketing the seminal Macintosh computer in 1984.  He is also credited with formalizing the role of evangelists (in the secular sense of the word) in the technology industry.

I first discovered Guy by reading his book, The Art of the Start, aimed at anyone starting anything, in general, and Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs, specifically.

Guy has a post on his blog from earlier this month entitled “The Art of Evangelism” in which he discusses how widespread evangelism has become in the industry despite the absence of “a foundation of the fundamental principles of evangelism”.  His post is meant to lay that foundation by providing some of those fundamental principles.

I believe Guy’s 10 principles of how to be a great technology evangelist can be applied to other roles, disciplines, industries, etc.  Heck, many of the items could appear in a list entitled “Success in the Workplace 101”.

Quote of the Week:
People don’t buy “revolutions.” They buy “aspirins” to fix the pain or “vitamins” to supplement their lives.