I neglected to document the biblical proportions of rain that fell over the Seattle area beginning Dec 18, 2005 and ending Jan 15, 2006 — 27 consecutive days of measurable rain.

The record is 33 consecutive days set in 1953.  I am grateful we fell short of the record but, having endured the incessant weeks of rain, the record may have made the experience a bit more palatable.

If you have never experienced almost 4 weeks of rain let me say the idea of knocking down a couple dozen surrounding evergreens and building an ark entered my mind a few times.

Why do Seattleites endure such seemingly horrible living conditions?  Having lived in the Midwest (Dayton, Ohio) and on the East Coast (Boston) I must admit the rainy winters are less harsh than blizzards or nor’easters.  Furthermore, for about 3-5 months out of the year, there are few cities that can rival the beauty of Seattle.