Postage Increase

As a reminder the US Postal Service is increasing all domestic & international postage rates effective January 8th. Of course I purchased two sheets of 37-cent stamps a short while ago which means I now need to buy some complementary 2-cent stamps to mail something first-class.

Apparently, this increase is the result of the Board of Governors decision to have the USPS create a $3.2 billion escrow account – yep, it is costing us more money so the US postal system can have an emergency fund. Someone needs to earmark some of this money for updating which is a pain to navigate. You know it is pathetic when you have to search the site to find something as important as an imminent rate increase for the first time since 2002.

Here is the press release which includes some of the new domestic rates.

Why does it feel like the fleecing of America each time postage increases?