Directing Reformer

According to the results of the Insights Discovery personality profile survey I recently completed at work, I am a Directing Reformer.

Like most modern-day personality tests (e.g., Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)), the theory behind the Insights Discovery System is based on the psychological types research conducted by Swiss pshychiatrist Carl Jung in the early 1900s.  Unlike the Myers-Briggs personality test — which I also completed a few years ago (ISTJ) — the results of the Insights Discovery System are said to be unique to the individual or at least more sensitive to the nuances of something as complex as personality.  As a result, the findings, if you will, are claimed to be more precisely tailored to the person answering the questions than other personality tests. 

For example, the resulting profile of a Myers-Briggs personality test is pretty much the same for every ISTJ.  However, the resulting profiles of the Insights Discovery System are said to be unique in that many people can be identified as Directing Reformers yet yield very different profiles.

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I neglected to document the biblical proportions of rain that fell over the Seattle area beginning Dec 18, 2005 and ending Jan 15, 2006 — 27 consecutive days of measurable rain.

The record is 33 consecutive days set in 1953.  I am grateful we fell short of the record but, having endured the incessant weeks of rain, the record may have made the experience a bit more palatable.

If you have never experienced almost 4 weeks of rain let me say the idea of knocking down a couple dozen surrounding evergreens and building an ark entered my mind a few times.

Why do Seattleites endure such seemingly horrible living conditions?  Having lived in the Midwest (Dayton, Ohio) and on the East Coast (Boston) I must admit the rainy winters are less harsh than blizzards or nor’easters.  Furthermore, for about 3-5 months out of the year, there are few cities that can rival the beauty of Seattle.

Blog Upgrade

I just finished upgrading Keith’s Amusing Musings ( to WordPress 2.0 from 1.5.2.  Ideally, you won’t notice anything as it is meant to be seamless with most of the improvements on the back end.

There is one benefit to readers and that is you will no longer need to validate your comments using cumbersome CAPTCHA images.  (The purpose of CAPTCHA on a blog is to reduce/eliminate spam by preventing computer bots from posting junk as comments.)  The new WordPress includes an Akismet plug-in so I decided to use it and shift the burden of dealing with spam from my readers to the Akismet spam-blocking service.

Let me know if you notice anything odd…leave a comment. 🙂


Of Feet and Mouths

Checkraise had this post on his blog about Indianapolis Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt that gave me another of those “no he didn’t” moments.

You may remember Vanderjagt as the guy who missed the tying field goal against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday which meant the Colts, once again, fell short of post-season expectations after a phenomenal regular season. Prior to Sunday, Vanderjagt also was known as “the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history”. (Go figure!)

Anyway, I located an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer covering Vanderjagt’s comments from 2003.

I don’t know which he regrets more: Making those comments back in 2003 or missing the field goal on Sunday. I guess as a kicker it is better to concentrate on placing one’s foot on the ball rather than in one’s mouth.

Go Seachickens! (Yes, I’m on the bandwagon.)

TB is My Hero

Today my wife completed her fourth (count ’em 1, 2, 3, 4 at 26.2 miles a pop) FULL marathon by running the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona Marathon in 4:27! This was a personal record for her as she shaved over 20 minutes off her previous best which is like averaging a one minute faster per-mile time. Her goal was 4:15-4:30 so she is really happy…and sore.

The point-to-point marathon began at 7:40AM in downtown Phoenix at North 7th Avenue & East Washington Street and finished at Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe via Scottsdale.

Did I run? Umm, no! I think long-distance running is for dummies but I love watching my wife pursue and compete in her life-long passion for the sport. I am «ahem» an official marathon spectator and I take my role and responsibilities seriously. That is for another post, this one is about my wife, but suffice it to say there is no “I” in “marathon” but there is a T-A-M. I supply the “E” (as in “Except when it comes to the actual running.”) 😆

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