Of Feet and Mouths

Checkraise had this post on his blog about Indianapolis Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt that gave me another of those “no he didn’t” moments.

You may remember Vanderjagt as the guy who missed the tying field goal against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday which meant the Colts, once again, fell short of post-season expectations after a phenomenal regular season. Prior to Sunday, Vanderjagt also was known as “the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history”. (Go figure!)

Anyway, I located an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer covering Vanderjagt’s comments from 2003.

I don’t know which he regrets more: Making those comments back in 2003 or missing the field goal on Sunday. I guess as a kicker it is better to concentrate on placing one’s foot on the ball rather than in one’s mouth.

Go Seachickens! (Yes, I’m on the bandwagon.)