My Lists for 2006

Customarily, this is the time of each year when people generate lists enumerating everything from the admirable (such as New Year’s resolutions and self-improvement plans) to the highly inane and usually innaccurate (like predictions).

Herein I submit my “Lists for 2006” if, for no other reason, than to serve as a catalyst for change. The entries are in no particular order.

Things I Think Will Happen (My Predictions)

« TB will train for her first Ironman triathlon.
« TB and I will visit 5 countries and 2 more continents. (We have not been to Asia, S. America, Australia or Antartica.)
« One of my brothers will fall in love.
« Blockbuster Video (BBI) will merge or be acquired.
« Apple Computer (AAPL) will modify its iTunes Music Store to sell popular songs for more than $0.99.
« Halo 3 will release as the best video game ever and catapult Xbox 360 sales.
« A couple family members will realize it is not how much you make but how much you keep and begin moving toward the other side of the consumer-producer spectrum.
« My sister will move to Columbus, Ohio to pursue a college degree.

Things I Will Make Happen (My Resolutions)

« I will volunteer at least one day per month to charitable and community-oriented activities.
« To continue my passion for digital photography I will enroll in at least 4 courses/workshops and share my pictures.
« To stay technically sharp, I will create and maintain at least 3 useful web sites.
« I will cook more and eat dinner out less than twice per week when not traveling.
« I will pick up the telephone more as a way of staying in touch with family and friends.

It will be interesting to revisit my lists in a year.

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