Maple Syrup

“In all honesty, I don’t like real maple syrup. I actually prefer the fake stuff like Log Cabin.”

Sadly, yours truly was the speaker of the above words and I didn’t appreciate the irony/humor/nonsense coming from my mouth until TB started chuckling and shaking her head as she typically does when I say something either really funny or really stupid (or both as in this case).

We were having breakfast at The Original Pancake House in Kirkland, WA and were digging into the buttermilk pancakes, mushroom & cheese omelette and breakfast potatoes we ordered. Disappointed with how the pure maple syrup, in my mind, detracted from the experience of the otherwise perfect pancakes I matter-of-factly uttered the words above.

I’m sure TB already knew my penchant for artificial, corn syrup based “syrups” on pancakes and waffles. However, from her reaction on this occasion, I felt as though I were from a galaxy far far away sharing completely comprehensible yet utterly absurd solecisms.

Where is Mrs. Butterworth when you need her? :ashamed: