Directing Reformer

According to the results of the Insights Discovery personality profile survey I recently completed at work, I am a Directing Reformer.

Like most modern-day personality tests (e.g., Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)), the theory behind the Insights Discovery System is based on the psychological types research conducted by Swiss pshychiatrist Carl Jung in the early 1900s.  Unlike the Myers-Briggs personality test — which I also completed a few years ago (ISTJ) — the results of the Insights Discovery System are said to be unique to the individual or at least more sensitive to the nuances of something as complex as personality.  As a result, the findings, if you will, are claimed to be more precisely tailored to the person answering the questions than other personality tests. 

For example, the resulting profile of a Myers-Briggs personality test is pretty much the same for every ISTJ.  However, the resulting profiles of the Insights Discovery System are said to be unique in that many people can be identified as Directing Reformers yet yield very different profiles.

From my experience, I found this comparison between MBTI and Insights Discovery to be accurate.  Why?  After reviewing my unique 22-page ❗ Insights Discovery profile I found myself wondering who from my family and friends was interviewed to compile such an accurate and detailed report.  It is a somewhat uncomfortable and perplexing experience when a computer can take my answers to 100 seemingly unrelated questions and spit out a report that could have been written by someone who has known me all my life. 

The report even passed the TB test.  Literally, a few seconds after I sent it to her I received a flurry of IMs with excerpts littered with emoticons and commentary that screamed, “Uh huh,” “Yep,” “True,” “That’s Keith,” “Amen!”  I immediately regretted arming her with a volume vindicating what she always suspected and enlightening her on why she at times has the urge to strangle me for being me.  She keeps the report handy now as if it is a manual on “The Care and Feeding of Keith”.  Now she thinks she knows somebody. :sarcasm:

I will discuss the system more and share many of the juicy details from my report in future posts.


3 Replies to “Directing Reformer”

  1. “The Care and Feeding of Keith”… hahaaha! I need to get my man to take that test so I’ll have a manual on him. I am probably not a directoring reformer in most aspects of my life, but when it comes to him, I make it my business to direct AND reform frequently. 😈

    Just KIDDING! As I mellow and mature a bit more each day, I’m releasing my hold on the useless fantasy of being able to change my spouse. Now… Where’s that angel emoticon?

  2. Yeah, TB is a little out-of-control with the report. She’s more intrigued by it than I so it makes for interesting dialog and colorful exchanges particularly when I disagree with her or I’m in one of my moods.

    I think she gave up on trying to change me a few years ago after I finally saw some things her way and made adjustments for the greater good. :eyeroll:

    I’m a work in progress…well, that’s probably what TB would say. 😉

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