Almost Famous

I will be presenting at Microsoft ASP.NET Connections conferences in Orlando and Nice, France later this year.  In preparation, my picture and bio are up for the world to see on the conference web site.  There is currently only one Keith listed so I shouldn’t be hard to find.  So much for remaining incognito.

Now if I could only get them to play my theme song when I walk onto the stage. Even better I may put in a request to have Lex and DJ Gamble come warm up the crowd.


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  1. Look at Keith, about to represent strong at the big show! You go, boy!

    France, huh? Say brotha, if you need an assistant or valet to accompany you on that trip, just say the word. I can put a mean spit shine on your church shoes, and I’m willing to sleep on the sofabed in your suite to save you the expense of paying for two separate rooms! HA! 😀

    Good help is hard to find…

  2. Hey, what are you doing reading my blog? Aren’t you supposed to be relaxing?

    Everybody wish Char an early happy birthday. Tomorrow’s her special day and she and JS are off celebrating.

  3. Way to go, Cuz! Congratulations on the new job and the honor to speak at the upcoming conferences.

    Cuz “C”

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