The 10 Worst Holiday Gifts

I came across this article about the 10 worst holiday gifts on the MSN Dating & Personals site. Before you ask: It was a link off the main MSN page. The author splits the 10 dont’s equally between women and men.

As is usually the case with articles of this ilk, 8 of the 10 are fairly obvious for anyone who has been in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex for an extended period of time. However, I was surprised by two of the entries. Particularly:

  1. For women: Anything she needs instead of wants
  2. For men: Clothes for a better version of him

Maybe TB is unlike these other “real” women as she’s usually very ecstatic whenever I surprise her with things that she really needs or has run out of but seems to never go out and buy for herself. This includes those scented body lotions, house shoes, socks, etc. Of course I sprinkle in a few wants and likes to occasionally throw her for a complete loop.

As for #2, I overhauled my wardrobe due, in large part, to direct & indirect prodding from TB who effortlessly makes casual seem so elegant. It started shortly after our wedding and, if memory serves, included phrases like “dressing more fashionably” and “you’ve been out of college for some time now”. Along those lines, I’m ecstatic whenever she buys me clothes that make me look sharp.

We don’t typically exchange gifts on “couple’s holidays” — Christmas, in particular — so maybe the rules don’t apply to us.