My Nieces: Justice & Kailynn

I am back online after spending Dec 19-23 visiting my family in Dayton, OH. I love visiting my family especially during the holidays. Living in Seattle makes it inconvenient to visit as often as I would like. However, one down side to visiting family in Dayton is no one has a high-speed Internet connection which is why I haven’t posted in some time.

We are on the Chicago leg of our holiday tour visiting my in-laws for a few days so I now have access to a fast connection. Fittingly, I’ve decided to update my blog with some pictures of my nieces taken during our time in Dayton. Justice turned 9 months on Dec 12. Kailynn was born on Dec 14. This year’s holiday homecoming was made very special by these two little ladies.


Justice sleeping Justice awake


Kailynn sleeping Kailynn awake