Happy Birthday, Kailynn!

My sister gave birth to a healthy little girl, Kailynn [KAY-lin], today. Mom and baby are doing fine though my sister had to be cut and forceps used to bring Kailynn into the world. She weighed in at a lean 6 lbs 9 oz towering (or is that “stretching”) a full 19 inches long.

Of course I’ll have to post some pictures of my new niece after our trip home for the holidays.

I’m an uncle for the second time this year! My first niece, Justice, daughter of my youngest brother, was born on March 12. :party:


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  2. 😀 Your website is wonderful.
    I haven’ t set my site up yet mainly because I don’t know how :ashamed:. It will be coming sometime in the near future. 😆

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