Guest Post – When running loses the fun factor

TB on the keys… I shared the following story with friends and family yesterday via email. Buschick thought the story was worthy of a guest post on this blog since I don’t have my own. So here I am.

TB AKA The Boss AKA The Wife.

I hesitated to share this story with you guys for fear of looking like an idiot. :happy: But, I need to vent. Here it goes…

Let me set the stage… So, I think most of you know that I’m training for another marathon. This past Saturday I was supposed to meet my running “crew” at 8:00am to do a 2-2.5 hour run. I decided the day before that I would get there a half hour early so I could get in 30 minutes before the “official” run began because my training schedule had me down for a 3hr run. When I woke up it was snowing (not terribly, mind you…this is Seattle). I was thinking that was kind of odd because there was no mention of snow on the news the night before. I did my typical pre-run stuff (check my email, watch the news for the latest on the weather, twiddle my thumbs, pack my Gatorade/fuel for the run, and other random stuff to procrastinate leaving the house). Because of my lolly-gagging I didn’t leave the house until about 7:30am. (It had stopped snowing by that point.) I arrived at the meeting point for the run around 7:45am and there was no sign of anyone. I decided not to do any pre-running since I only had 15 minutes before the “official” run. At 8am when I was the only idget sitting in the parking lot I began to think I was at the wrong spot so I started calling the couple folks who I knew were committed to being there. No dice. No one answers their phone. By 8:15am I was pissed and I thought about going home. But, I knew the 3 hours had to get done at some point that weekend. I told myself…“suck it up and hit the trail.” As I’m literally about to hit the trail running, an SUV pulls up with a woman who rolls down her window asking if I was part of the crew that was supposed to run. I said, “Yep, I thought I was at the wrong place.” She confirms I’m at the right spot. We exchange a few words and I discover she only planned to run about 4 miles. The whole dialog seemed sketchy and I think she only said that because she felt sorry for me. Cutting to the chase, the chick “accompanies me” for about 15 minutes of running and then says, “Ok, remember I’m only doing 4 miles so I’m turning around now.” Umm…we were maybe 1.5 miles out so she had another half mile. Whatever. She was running too fast anyway. I kept trying to justify cutting my run short, but I knew as long as I ran 1.5 hours out I would be forced to do 3 hours. The first 1.5 hours were fine albeit cold. The boredom, pain, and anger kicked in between the 2 and 2.5 hour marks. At 2.5 hours I knew I had another 3 miles left so it was all good. I had a big smile on my face when I finished. (I’ve never run that long by myself.) I was in pain Saturday night when I finally sat down after a day of ripping and running (and cleaning/unpacking the garage), but that’s to be expected.

Fast forward to this morning… I got up with the intention of doing the 60 minute run that I scrapped yesterday because I was sore and tired. Before I ever leave on a run, I have an idea of the route I’m going to take based on the number of minutes I need to get in. Today was no different. The thing that was different is I live in a new neighborhood that I haven’t quite figured out yet. (It would be my 2nd time running from my new place.) My run patterns are usually some form of rectangle. 35 minutes into my run I thought I hit the halfway point. Little did I know that was actually going to be the point where things fell apart. I missed my turn (which I didn’t realize I needed to take). When I hit an area that didn’t look familiar, I decided to turn down a road that appeared to be a major thoroughfare. After running about 10-15 minutes, I realized the road was busy because it led to a school and a dead end. Umm, crap. Not wanting to backtrack that far (in the opposite direction of home), I started down a trail that I thought would lead me in the direction of home. Again, I got another 15 minutes out and ended up at a dead end. Why don’t these roads tell you they’re going to be dead ends 1.5 miles down? Ok…I’m panicking and cursing now. (Time check…70 minutes of running and no where near home). I realize that I’m so lost now that the only thing to do is backtrack, which I know is the opposite direction of home. After 20 more minutes of running (time check…1 hr 27 minutes), I get to a major road that I recognize although I’m still not 100% sure the best (read: fastest) way to get home. I flip the mental coin and decide to turn right. That turned out to be the right choice because I ended up at the corner of 24th and 116th. My new home is off the corner of 70th and 116th. At first I was ecstatic because I knew all I needed to do was run down 116th to get home (I hoped). But, then I calculated it would take me 46 blocks of running before I did that. After about 1 hr 57min of running I made it back to my doorstep. My legs were throbbing and my stomach was growling ferociously. The whole time I was out there I kept thinking to myself four things…1) this new neighborhood sucks for running, 2) how did I manage to get myself this lost, 3) damn I wish I had a cell phone right now, and 4) I hope Keith isn’t home worried. When I finally got home, the first thing I did was head straight to the kitchen and gobbled up a banana and glass of Gatorade. The second thing I did was get on Virtual Earth to figure out where things went wrong. The third thing I did was call Keith to let him know what happened. (He had left for work just before 9 am.) Ironically, he was just starting to hunt me down since it hit that period where I should have surfaced.

Lessons learned from the last two running outings…1) don’t depend on anyone but yourself for running, 2) leave a note to let Keith know what time I went out on my run, 3) always pack some form of food for your run…just in case, and 4) always carry a cell phone in case of emergencies.

Gosh…I guess this is one of those days I need a blog. Thanks for letting me vent. :happy:

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  1. Your man said you liked to run thangs… You were sure ’nuff running a lot of streets! 😆

    Just kidding. I’m very glad you made it out safely. And I already know that you’ll carefully apply the lessons learned. I used to be a road warrior myself. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you.


  2. Go Girl. Now, you know Imma say you need your own blog, but I know I know I know. Thanks for sharing. I have really been thinking about training for a marathon but haven’t quite committed. I was running a pretty solid 10 miles a week (which I know is nothing to real runners like Buschick and yourself)!! Anyway keep being my inspiration and also keep dropping us a blog from time to time. Enjoy you and taking your life lessons from running to heart!!


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