Continental Furniture in Seattle

Continuing my recent trend of recommending businesses and service providers we have recently hired who have done referral-worthy jobs, if you are in the Seattle area and need assistance decorating your home, look no farther than Continental Furniture.

A trained designer will come to your place at no cost and with no strings attached and offer suggestions and recommendations on furniture, accessories, artwork, hangings, paint…everything. Obviously, the company expects that you will be so enamored with this personalized service that you will go on to buy pieces from them to execute the plan. The good news is their showroom and catalog covers the entire price spectrum.

We have been working with Christa who has demonstrated a willingness to meter her own tastes while helping us find a look and feel that works for us. With that said, she is not shy about offering her opinion about what works and what doesn’t. She is punctual to a fault and comes equipped with some typical (tape measure) and nifty (to-scale furniture models) tools of the trade that made visualizing placement and layout much easier. One of Christa’s other skills I could not fully appreciate until I saw it in action is her freehand sketching. I have horrible penmanship and couldn’t draw a clean B├ęzier curve freehand if my ten thumbs depended on it. She drew the rooms of our home to-scale, on graph paper, freehand accounting for all the odd corners and windows. That alone was amazing considering the number of hours TB and I have burned jousting with Visio to produce something similar on the laptop.