Bad Air Day

On one of our flights between Dayton, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois to visit our relatives over the holidays, TB and I were sitting one row behind a family of 5 (both parents and 3 children) that had the entire row to themselves across the aisle.

Everyone appeared healthy and sans respiratory affliction or disease so it struck us both as extremely peculiar when, during takeoff, the entire family, as if on cue, pulled out those nose-mouth masks typically worn by surgeons. They each put on a mask with the parents assisting the youngest children.

I must admit I began wondering what was in the air and briefly considered pulling my undershirt over my face “just in case”.

Even weirder, each family member neatly packed away his/her mask as soon as the tires hit the runway as if whatever airborne allergens or irritants immediately dissipated once the plane landed. They proceeded down the jetway and into O’Hare International’s Concourse C along with the rest of us as though the air quality inside that holiday human holding tank was much better.

I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this other than cross-generational germophobia so I’m hoping someone who reads this will enlighten me.