T.O. Was Right!

OK, I will say it: Donovan McNabb is a McCharlatan.

The Philadelphia Eagles sans Terrell Owens are barely watchable and McNabb’s play against the Dallas Cowboys this evening further confirmed my suspicions. While T.O. should have been more tactful in his outbursts and bellyaching, ultimately his words carried a lot of truth. McNabb was out of shape in last year’s Superbowl. The Eagles care more about maintaining the facade of team unity with McNabb at the helm than winning. If this last point were not true why did coach Reid allow McNabb to re-enter tonight’s game for the possession following his interception when he was clearly incapable of truly competing? Backup QB Mike McMahon would have had a better shot at winning the game for them if the coach was not concerned about hurting his star quarterback’s feelings.

Terrell Owens is an @ss but he is a great receiver. One must look no farther than last year’s Superbowl when T.O. came ready to play despite his doctors’ orders. If T.O. ran the Philadelphia Eagles PR or personnel departments I could understand their rationale for suspending then releasing him. He doesn’t. What he does do is his job — very well I might add — which is more than I can say for McNabb.

I personally enjoy T.O.’s on- and off-the-field antics and commentary as they make the game more interesting and entertaining. Who among us did not laugh hysterically when he grabbed the pom-poms to cheer his own dominance? Tell me you didn’t get a chuckle when he celebrated on the Dallas Cowboys star? Who would classify the Sharpie-in-the-sock autograph moment as anything other than hilarious, unprecedented grandstanding?

I hope T.O. found time to rejoice watching his current, soon-to-be-former team struggle in the closing minutes of the final quarter courtesy of McCharlatan’s errant passing.

Yes, T.O. is “a trip” but what is McNabb’s excuse?


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