The Boondocks & Asheru

One of the highlights of my week is catching the most recent episode of Aaron McGruder’s animated masterpiece, The Boondocks. Usually the most recent episode will have been archived on my digital video recorder (DVR) allowing me to watch when it is convenient for me. (Thank goodness for the DVR since I would otherwise miss all my favorite shows. For example, The Boondocks comes on at 11PM on Sundays and I am sometimes an episode or two behind.)

No slight to the comedic and artistic talents of Team McGruder but one of my favorite parts of every episode is the theme music which plays at the beginning. It is only about 30 seconds worth of music but each time I hear it is identical to the first time I heard it with me temporarily captivated, staring at the screen dumbstruck and asking myself, “Who is that spittin’ and where can I get the rest of his album?”

It only took me 4 episodes — I had just finished watching “Granddad’s Fight” — when I finally forced myself to dig deeper. I started by watching the credits which was fruitless since they flash by so quickly. I used slow-mo too but that was a big PITA and I couldn’t salvage any clues. I then resorted to a well-honed technique utilizing an instrument with which I possess great precision: Searching the Internet. After one query and a couple clicks I was enjoying that same 30 second segment from the comforts of my very own computer. I must have listened to that segment ten more times immediately after it finished downloading. I was one step closer.

I still needed an artist, album, producer…something. I decided to take a peek at the tag information of the MP3 file I downloaded on the rare chance that the person who created it was thorough. As it turned out s/he was and the artist tag pointed me to Asheru. Another quick search led me to this site which contains biographical information, additional songs and a link to another site where I can buy his album, Insomnia.

Sadly, the album is for sale via PayPal only but he hasn’t actually created a PayPal account yet. I’ll have to email him to see what’s going on. Am I really the first person to try to buy the guy’s album online? :sniff:

My email to Asheru bounced. Apparently his inbox is over its quota. I guess business is good. :sarcastic:


8 Replies to “The Boondocks & Asheru”

  1. Man!! I so love that show and the song is hot hot hot! I was thinking the same thing when I watched it. I normally fast forward through intros, but I do listen to his fo’ sho! It’s great hip hop. Let us know if you make any headway with ol’ dude!!


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  6. :eyeroll: If u like the intro 2 the Boondocks I can get it for u and if u want 2 listen to any other Asheru tracks without buyin the cd I got a song called Moodswing and a couple of others. If u want em just email me at and remind me what u want cause im all over the internet answerin peoples request for music.

  7. 😎
    I am the stone that the building refused, I am the visual
    the inspiration, that made ladies sing the blues
    I’m the spark that makes your idea bright
    the same spark that lights the dark
    so that you can kno ur left from your right

    I am the ballad in your box, the bullet in the gun
    the inner glow, that lets you know to call your brother son
    the story that just begun, the promise of whats to come
    and Imma remain a soldier, till the war is won

    Disc Scratching*


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