“Oh No They Didn’t!” – Part 1

This post is the first in a series of two posts about some juicy neighborhood gossip and how I learned of it.

The 3 year-old home we just purchased is in a subdivision of about 20 homes. Our new neighbors seem to be a mix of retirees/empty-nesters, upwardly mobile thirtysomethings and generally successful business people. We haven’t even moved in yet and TB and I are already being caught up on juicy neighborhood gossip by our next-door neighbor, let’s call her Jan, and the Verizon technician who came out to connect our phone system, Anthony.

Jan is one of those upwardly mobile thirtysomethings whose husband has lived in Singapore for over a year while she has been stateside raising their child. Just weeks after their home was finished being built he was sent away on business and she and the baby went along. During that time they rented out their house but that turned out to be “a nightmare”. As a result, Jan returned with their daughter and now her husband visits about once per month.

Anthony is a fortysomething disgruntled Verizon technician. He is an overqualified Black man working for a company that, in his words, doesn’t want to see Black people in management positions. Apparently, he has every certification, completed several night classes and has even gone before a board to complain about his lack of upward mobility in the company — all to no avail. To add insult to injury, Anthony was just recently passed over for another management job that was given to a woman who was an external hire with a high school diploma as her sole credential. She is now his boss. As a result, rather than being in the management position he desperately desires, undoubtedly deserves and has the credentials and rating for, Anthony instead toils in the field spreading telephone wires for and telling his tale to sympathetic clients.

I found Anthony to be a genuine, well-spoken and “smiling even when it’s raining” person for the few hours our paths crossed. I tend to believe his side of the story. One thing you should know about Anthony is he has a gold front tooth. With this being Seattle and him not being a pimp (as far as I could tell) I am pretty sure the gold tooth is not a promotion magnet. It shouldn’t matter — although, sadly, it probably does — since Anthony is certified, qualified and capable of running fiber optic cable not just throughout the U.S. but internationally as well…he has the paperwork to prove it!

Now that you have met the players stay tuned for how this drama unfolds in part 2.


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