Office Space

TB and I have been living in an apartment for 76 days and are excited we will be moving back into a house before the end of the month. Moving from our previous home into the apartment and dealing with many external pressures during this same period has brought us closer together literally and figuratively.

I was spoiled in our previous home. We had too much space — many rooms remained empty and unfurnished even though we owned the home for four years — and I was accustomed to having everything conveniently placed in an uncluttered manner. My home office was my sanctuary where I could enjoy listening to music; surfing the web; reading and, on occasion, playing my trumpet.

The fully-furnished apartment we currently reside in has some great characteristics including being conveniently located in downtown Bellevue and a fantastic view of Seattle and Lake Washington. The only real issue is the lack of space. Since moving here I have grown more appreciative of the space I took for granted in our previous home.

My apartment “office” is really a bedroom with a full-size bed pushed against one wall and my computer equipment squished against the opposite wall. I do have a desk and chair but not enough tabletop space for all my stuff so I have resorted to using cardboard boxes. It is not pretty but it works.

Apartment Office

Yes, that is a Crate & Barrel box serving as a monitor/laptop stand. 🙁