No Guns. No Knives.

TB &#8212 short for “The Boss” previously known as “My Wife” &#8212 and I attended a wedding today. It was a simple gathering of the families and friends of an older couple who had fallen in love and decided to jump the broom.

The wedding and reception was at a church in Snohomish (read: in the middle of nowhere) where the folk and vibe is a little different than what we encounter in the Bellevue-Seattle area.

The wedding ceremony was exactly the way we like. It started exactly at 3PM, as advertised, and was finished in under 30 minutes. We then moved to the lower level of the church with the other guests for the reception. The menu consisted of non-alcoholic beverages, crudite and shrimp cocktail so everything remained light and cheerful as the evening approached. The wedding cake was a homemade carrot cake and was excellent considering I ate two pieces and I do not like carrot cake.

After doing the reception thing (clapping on cue, blowing bubbles, chatting with strangers, smiling for the camera, etc.) for about 90 minutes TB and I decided to head out for our return trek to civilization.

On our way out the back of the church we noticed a sign mounted on one of the church’s exterior walls near the doorway that read: “No guns or knives allowed. No weapons of any kind.” I wondered aloud, “What kind of church is this?” I then suggested they augment the message with, “Do not worry. Jesus has your back.” TB and I had a good laugh.