My fraternity brother graduated from Harvard then decided to leave behind the stability and comforts of a well-paying jay-oh-bee to pursue his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist. Spitting hot fire under his stage moniker, Lex (also The Boy Lex or Lex the Don), he has created a buzz worldwide touring Europe and Asia.

To entice potential fans, Lex made his first album, College for Dummies, available for free on his website, LexLife.com. Be forewarned, his content is worthy of a parental advisory sticker and he makes gratuitous use of words and stereotypes that may make a sensitive, Puritanical listener uncomfortable.

I downloaded College for Dummies and liked it so much I immediately purchased his more recent album entitled I Must Be Crazy. Lex’s flow is impeccable and his material is creative and fresh — I would argue this is because of rather than despite his education and Jewish ancestry which is definitely a unique combination within the rap industry. The production is tight with several songs that could easily be club anthems.

You can also get a peek of Lex in action by watching an MTV segment showing him move the crowd of 20,000 at the Beijing Pop Festival in China. (The track underneath the video is “I’m Famous” from I Must Be Crazy.)

Buy a copy of his album and use it to rock your next party or run that extra five miles on the treadmill.

“Don’t talk it. Live it” — Lex


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  1. Thanks, I liked his music and you didn’t mention he was EYE CANDY (sorry, spoken like a true woman let loose on the prowl again. LOL!) :mrgreen:. I think I may buy the CD once I get a chance to listen for real, for real this weekend. So far I like what I’ve heard. Thanks for the heads up. I love true hip hop!!

    I hope you don’t mind, I added you to my list of blogs and cool sites. You’re on a new list called A funny thing happened surfing da net!

    $17 dollars for a haircut….I’m glad I live here in the south where the cost of living is still somewhat reasonable. I don’t even want to think what it would cost me to get my wig split up there! I might ask you to go half on a pack of razors.

    I hope you and yours have a GREAT weekend!


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