Jon Syltebo Painting Company

As promised in a previous post regarding the various companies we hired to do work on our home, this is my recommendation/referral for anyone in the Seattle area looking for a good painter.

We hired Jon Syltebo Painting Company to do accent and touch-up painting in our home. We received his information from our agent, Michael Miller, as some of Michael’s prior clients had used his services. The company doesn’t have a website so I had to relax my “If you aren’t on the web, you don’t want my business” rule which was easy since I trust Michael’s advice. Once again, Michael was spot on.

Jon met us at our new residence a week before we took possession to get an understanding of the exact work we wanted done and to get a feel for the various spaces (and how they would be used) to assist us with color selection. He was efficient, knowledgeable and flexible so we accepted his reasonable bid for the work we wanted done. He offered to meet us at the paint store later that day to select the paint for the rooms and that experience was extremely positive as well which says a lot since picking colors & decorating are pretty high on TB’s and my “Things We Don’t Enjoy” list.

Jon and his paint crew arrived punctually on the first day. The crew consisted of two Latinoes, Giovanni and RJ. They got to work promptly masking off the rooms while Jon took some color samples from the walls we were having touched-up to the paint store to buy all the paint. Jon had enough confidence in his crew and probably enough other stuff going on that I didn’t see hear from him again until the job was finished. I could tell Giovanni and RJ took a lot of pride in their work and they were very skilled just from how they worked those first few hours. RJ didn’t speak much English and Giovanni spoke just enough to get the job done but both were affable and patient whenever TB or I had a special request such as “Can you guys paint that wall too?” Giovanni and RJ got all but one room and one wall painted over a Thursday and Friday.

The following Monday, RJ and Giovanni arrived with a third gentleman — Latino as well and spoke no English — to finish the room, finish the wall and caulk & repaint most of the wood trim and molding throughout the house. I couldn’t believe how meticulous the three of them were. It was as if they were working on their home and wanted it to be perfect. Over the 3 days, the Syltebo crew had put in 56 man-hours painting. Everything looked great as though the rooms they had worked their magic on had been transformed.

Jon Syltebo Painting Company
PO Box 464
Medina, WA 98039

Syltebo is pronounced seal-TUH-bo.