House Preparation Marathon Day

Today was spent coordinating several groups of workers in preparation for the move into our final place. The day officially started at 8AM with painters arriving for Day 3 — the final day of accent and touch-up painting. Our mattress set was delivered mid-afternoon. The cleaning service guys got to work power washing the deck and patio in the late afternoon. The cable guy arrived near the end of the day and was gone by 5PM. I arrived at the house at 7:30AM and did not leave again until 5:30PM to make a run to The Home Depot with TB for some obligatory, last-minute shopping. The interesting thing is there are no seats in the house except unofficial ones like stairs, toilets and lots of floor. As a result, my back and legs are really sore.

Aside from the painters, everyone arrived late. The cleaning service guys were the worst offenders. They were scheduled to arrive between 9AM and 1PM. They moseyed in around 4PM apologetic (of course) but eager to get going since they were hired to power wash the deck & patio and clean all the windows inside and out. It was already starting to get dark so time was not on their side. While one of the guys was working on the deck I decided to press my luck since they made me wait around so long. I asked if he and his partner would rid the deck of a huge dirt-filled planter the previous owners left which easily weighs over 200 pounds. I guess he was in a bargaining mood so he said he would be happy to if I allowed them to come back Friday morning to do the windows. He must have noticed the quickly waning daylight which meant it was going to get much colder while they were out there cleaning the windows. I realized they were more likely to cut corners on the window cleaning if I said no and I would have the bonus of getting that planter removed if I said yes. I said yes. Pleased, he returned to his power washing. In the end, they did a great job on the deck and patio.

The painters finished up right at 5PM. Over a 3 day period I had spent nearly 20 hours with them so it was bittersweet realizing now, with their work done, they would not be returning. They definitely left their mark on our home. Very skilled, very meticulous, very accommodating. I will write a more detailed post in the coming days…after I receive the final bill. 😉

The movers arrive with all our stuff in the morning so tomorrow is sure to be both exciting and exhausting. I can’t wait to get my stuff back out of storage.


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