Digital Photography Workshop (Class #3)

For class #3 we met at Seattle’s historic Pike Place Public Market. For this class we were to practice composition, flash photography and motion blur. The class met at “The Pig” (if you have been to The Market) to spend 2 hours capturing scenes in and around the market. Since our class meets at 6PM it was a typical dark, damp and chilly Seattle evening.

I have never been to The Market after dark or around closing so I was impressed with the magnificence of the neon lighting and the efficiency of the vendors as they quickly closed up shop at the end of another long work day. I hoped to make the most of my time by capturing at least a handful of interesting elements of The Market many people have never seen or subconsciously ignore.

Below I have included several of my favorite shots from the photo shoot. They are representative of the other hundred or so photos I took during the outing.

Pike Place Public Market Fruit & Vegetable Stand
Pike Place Fish Market Market Corridor
Market Flower Market Floor

Like any digital photographer I have invested in high-capacity memory cards which would allow me to take hundreds of high-quality pictures. However, I spend a lot of time taking each photo so I seldom take more than 50 pictures on any given shoot. I also tend to be my own worst critic so only a small fraction of those pictures ever make it from the camera onto my computer for processing.

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  1. I love them all. I may have to buy some from you especially since some of my dearest friends and family reside in the S-E-A- double T-L-E. I totally can see a few of these framed on my wall and the walls of those I love. Man and once you take all this knowledge on your travels you might have a cottage industry. Let me be the first to sign up for any pictures you take if you ever go to Africa!!


  2. It’s funny you mention Africa. Keith and his wife went last year. IMO, he took some amazing shots on that trip. Keith, perhaps you should provide (or point out) a link to your vacation photography. I also really liked the work you did in Amsterdam.


  3. Thanks, OG. I’m an aspiring amateur so I do not charge for my photos. The fact that you wish to own one is reward enough for me. Let me know which you want and I’d be happy to get a full-resolution version to you that you can use for prints.


  4. Yes, Mozambique and South Africa are absolutely amazingly beautiful countries filled with amazingly beautiful people — great pictures practically take themselves in those locations.

    I really appreciate the compliments as they encourage me to share more of my work. Stay tuned…


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