Chop It Up

In order to revisit a personal barbershop experience I must go back at least 2-2.5 decades to my childhood. My head has been kept clean-shaven since 1992 so when it comes to barbershop recommendations I am the last person anyone should consult.

It seems every few weeks some new person to the area sends email to fellow employees asking for barbershop referrals. The distribution list at work with the highest traffic of this type is by far the one that is composed primarily of Black people (Americans, West Indians, Nigerians, etc.) Apparently, like their female counterparts, the gentlemen on this list are serious about their grooming.

I have seen several establishments recommended but none more often than one named Chop It Up. Every time the inquiry is made I know the Chop It Up referral is not far behind yet I always get a chuckle when it finally arrives.

I have never visited Chop It Up but from the recommendations of its patrons — at least the ones on the distribution list — they must do excellent work. However, if I had hair that I remotely cared about I
doubt I would seriously consider going to a barbershop named Chop It Up.

Maybe I will start a facial boutique and name it “Scrub It Off” or there is always the waxing parlor I could name “The Rip”.


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  1. OK, this is funny to me, because here in the H an establishment called Chop it up would be a car shop (to get your car outfitted with screens, wood grain and candy paint) or a music store that sold Screw music (you know all your hip hop favs screwed and chopped up Houston style!!) ! You are right, some bras are serious about their grooming.

    I just wanted to say I love reading your blog! It’s too funny. 😎

    I like to comment every now and again. Makes me feel less creepy for lurking!


  2. Hey OG!

    Thanks for dropping by again. It’s always nice to have you visit. I actually set foot inside a barbershop today for the first time in probably 20+ years. I was keeping a couple friends company while one got a shape-up.

    Seeing how long people had to wait reminded me why I stopped going to the barber a long time ago. That and the price they were charging: $17! :shocked:


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