Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

We had the carpet cleaned throughout our new home today. We investigated small, locally-owned outfits then considered the big boys like Stanley Steemer and Servicemaster. Michael, the agent who helped us buy the house, consulted several of his former clients for referrals and they each recommended Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Chem-Dry’s system is based on a cleansing process utilizing soda water and other non-soap agents. By using small amounts of carbonated water, Chem-Dry guarantees faster drying time and and a lower possibility of damage compared to the waterlogging effect of other cleaning methods. These things always seem like snake oil to me but there were all those satisfied customer referrals. What really pushed Chem-Dry to the top of the list was their website. I felt I had a better idea of what to expect than I did after perusing the Stanley Steemer and woefully dismal Servicemaster sites.

I called just under two weeks ago to schedule service. The technician, Sean, was punctual, professional and knowledgeable of his trade. The previous owners had a small child so there appeared to be marker and other set stains in a few areas that we weren’t sure would come out. Sean offered us no guarantees on the stains since he was not sure what caused them but he said he would do everything he could to remove them.

It took Sean about 2 hours to clean 1,300 square feet of carpet including the stairs. The carpet definitely appeared much brighter than before and all the stains were gone. The house did not have that wet carpet smell and the areas he cleaned first were nearly dry by the time I signed off on the invoice. ❗

TB and I are satisfied customers.

By the way, Chem-Dry accepts The MS Prime Card for a 30-40% discount. We also came across coupons in a couple of those mailbox bundles this past week.