PureFit Nutrition Bars

If you are looking for good-tasting, nutritious protein/fitness bars I highly recommend any of the assorted PureFit nutrition bars. They are high protein, all-natural, 230 to 240 calories and come in Peanut Butter Crunch, Almond Crunch and Chocolate Brownie.

I like all three and the Chocolate Brownie is an excellent substitute for the high-calorie candy bars busy people tend to binge on when the afternoon snack attack hits.

The company offers a $5 sample kit that contains one bar of each flavor. Give them a try.


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  1. I’ll be sure to find out if they carry this brand in Canada. I’ve finally got into this fitness thing again and I wanted to be able to grab a good snack/meal replacement bar whenever the hunger pangs strike. Thanks for the tip. Good start to your Space! Keep it up.

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