iPodResQ Saves The Day

In a previous post I ranted about some of the Apple iPod’s shortcomings including the horrible support options offered by Apple for defective iPod’s no longer under warranty. To fix the poor battery performance and defective hard drive issues I was experiencing with my 30GB, 3rd-generation iPod I sent it to iPodResQ.

I am pleased to report iPodResQ did not disappoint. Not only did they replace the defective drive, they also upgraded my player to 40GB in the process. Also, due to an oversight on their side, I received the battery replacement for free. When I contacted customer support to inquire about the missing item on my invoice their response: “Enjoy a freebie on us!” That is my kind of service.

If you have a broken iPod that you are currently using as a paperweight, consider contacting iPodResQ to see if they can help. For $29 up front they will overnight a pre-paid shipping container to you that will be returned to them via overnight delivery for a full diagnosis of the problem. They will then contact you in the next day or so to explain what is wrong and how much it would cost to fix. You then have the option of proceeding with the repair or having the defective unit returned to you.