We’re Live

Editor’s Note:
All posts dated between November 2004 and June 2005 were imported to Keith’s Amusing Musings on January 21, 2006 from my previous travel blog.  I decided to delete that blog and move all its content here which some readers may find disruptive considering Keith’s Amusing Musings did not come online until October 2005.  The good news there will be only one blog, Keith’s Amusing Musings, going forward.  Enjoy these older stories.

We finally got our blog up-and-running after a couple fruitless attempts at integrating the “alpha” release of CommunityServer::Blog.  Luckily, .Text is still an excellent alternative and readily available.

Now that our blog is online, we’ll be filling it with observations, thoughts and pictures from our adventures, near and far.

Stay tuned.  Visit often…